Estonians have come up with a robotic selfdriving courier

Estonians have come up with a robotic selfdriving courier

December 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Estonian company Cleveron, specializing in the development of automated points for the issuance of goods, presented a drone for organizing the delivery of the “last mile”. The peculiarity of the prototype is the absence of the need for a forwarding agent, as with the help of a robotic “hand” the machine independently arranges parcels by postamats.

It works like this. A courier drone picks up the package from the warehouse, arrives at the recipient’s house and leaves it in his personal postam. After that, the customer receives a notice of delivery of the order, which can be picked up when it is convenient. The creators believe that such a decision will help save time, because waiting for a courier at home is not necessary.

Logistics companies and courier services use of automated robotic couriers is also beneficial, as they reduce transport costs. In addition, drones can be part of a premium delivery service. According to Cleveron, as part of a pilot project, autonomous delivery vans will appear on the streets of Estonian cities in 2020.

The advantages of the full automation of the “last mile” delivery are obvious, but not everyone is sure that this will happen in the foreseeable future. Thus, the Renault-developed EZ-PRO platform is a leading autonomous and unmanned driven robocapsule. For their work, the operator-concierge, who is entrusted with planning the route, controlling the delivery time and servicing the fleet of modular robotic vans, is still responsible.