Estonian startup to offer graphene batteries with 15 seconds charge

Estonian startup to offer graphene batteries with 15 seconds charge

September 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Skeleton Technologies, a startup from Estonia, has teamed up with specialists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and developed a special graphene battery that can be charged in just 15 seconds! Moreover, it has a rather long life cycle.

The new battery is known as SuperBattery. Its creation would have been impossible without a special nanotechnological material Curved Graphene (or curved graphene). Skeleton has a patent for it.

Estonian specialists have come up with a unique combination of supercapacitors and traditional lithium cells that will significantly improve the performance of a car. The advantages of supercapacitors are excellent charging / discharging performance in the shortest possible time. In the automotive industry, they have been used for a long time as so-called buffer storage devices, but not very actively.

They also have disadvantages, which scientists are trying to eliminate today. Especially Estonians. By the way, Skeleton Technologies launched their production in Großrörsdorf, Germany.

The area is known for its cutting-edge developments in microelectronics and other related fields. Currently, about 300 companies conduct their research here.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that the Chinese company CATL is developing an innovative battery for electric cars. In the manufacture of such a battery, they will not use nickel and cobalt – rather expensive materials. This will help make electric vehicles more affordable.