Esteban Okon: I am quite confident in my future

Esteban Okon: I am quite confident in my future

August 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the eve of the German press there was information that Esteban Okon will return to Formula 1 in 2020, having signed a contract with Renault. In an interview with the official website of the championship, the young rider did not confirm anything, noting only that his managers are working on different options.

Esteban Okon: “I am working hard on the program for next year and continue to study at Mercedes. When I get back behind the wheel, I will be a more prepared racer. Of course, it is not easy for me, but I talked with Toto Wolff and my managers at Mercedes, and they said not to worry, because in the future I will have a chance to return to Formula 1.

Of course, at times there was a lull, so I began to doubt, but negotiations began a long time ago. I’m quite sure that everything will be in order – we cross our fingers and knock on the tree! ”

This season Esteban visits the Grand Prix with Mercedes, although initially the team did not plan his visits to the stages: “I insisted on coming to the tracks during the season, because I did not want to work only on the simulator. They told me that it was difficult to organize, but I said that I was ready for any option – even if I have to stay awake, I still want to come to the race. Of course, I have a complicated schedule, but everything is in order. It’s much harder in life. ”