Esteban Guerrieri won in Malaysia and retained chances for the title

Esteban Guerrieri won in Malaysia and retained chances for the title

December 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Munnich Motorsport driver Esteban Guerrieri won the second race of the WTCR Malaysian stage, thereby reducing the gap to championship leader Norbert Michelis to ten points ahead of the season finale.

Guerrieri brilliantly started and was already second to the end of the second sector, and in the ninth turn he came out on top. At that time, drama unfolded behind: Nick Katsburg, who started on slicks on the front axle, swam in the braking zone and crashed into Ivan Muller at full speed. Hyundai Dutchman rolled into the relegation zone and caught fire at the moment when he was returning to the track – the judges had to get the red flag.

“Mr. Katsburg tried to crash into me in three races. Motorsport is great, but not when there is someone on the grill who does not deserve it. I hope that he will be punished at least once, but most likely nothing will happen, ”Ivan burst out on the Eurosport broadcast, who lost his mathematical chances of winning the title after the race, finishing sixth on a damaged car.

After an hour-long pause, during which all the racers got rain tires, and they even managed to restore Katsburg’s car (though they didn’t allow it before the start of the race), a restart was announced following the results of the second sector: Giroli and Guerrieri were on the first row of the new grille, Mueller started fifth , Michelis, who flew out in the same ninth turn – 17th.

The pilots of Munnich Motorsport calmly won the restart advantage, and by the seventh round the advantage of Guerrieri over the partner reached 6 seconds. The safety car on the ninth lap due to the accident of Attila Tassi in the fourth corner put an end to the fight and approved the victory of the Argentinean.

The second race was completed by the rising star of World Touring Mikel Atskona, who brilliantly overtook first Kevin Chekkona, and then Nestor Girolami. Johan Kristofferson, who started 22nd, managed to break into third place. Giroli and Chekkon closed the five.

Müller, who had lost the chances for the title, was finished by Jan Erlacher, who did not allow himself to overtake the championship leader Norbert Michelis. Hungarian did what was required of him – brought the car to the finish line, finished the race eighth and scored good points. In the third race, Norby will start from the pole, on a par with Esteban Guerrieri.