eSports: Vandorn wins Formula E race in New York

eSports: Vandorn wins Formula E race in New York

May 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Stoffel Vandorn won his first victory in the virtual Formula E, winning the race in New York, although before that the Mercedes pilot had more than once managed to win the pole, but this advantage could not be realized.

But today everything turned out much more successfully: at the end of the qualification, he showed the best time, having traveled a circle one tenth faster than Pascal Wehrlein. True, then the German pilot of the Mahindra team was fined and lost five starting positions, so Max Gunther, a BMW racer and Stoffel’s rival in the fight for the title, started behind Vandorn.

Stoffel had a great start, holding the lead, which allowed him to avoid the blockage in the 1st turn, but Gunther was unlucky, he immediately rolled back to the distant 21st position.

Following the leader was Neil Yani, a Porsche racer, chased by Nissan spokesman Oliver Rowland, winner of the Berlin stage a week ago. By the second round, Wehrlein, who started seventh, managed to break through to 4th position, but by this time Vandorn was able to increase his advantage to five seconds.

By the 10th lap, Rowland and Wehrlein caught up with Neil Yani, and at some point Pascal managed to get ahead of two cars at once, taking advantage of the situation on the highway. Although after that the rivals tried to pressure him, he was able to maintain his position and cross the finish line second.

And the victory deservedly went to Vandorn, the third place was taken by Rowland. At the same time, Yani made a mistake, which Antonio Felix da Costa took advantage of and ahead of the Swiss, so the Swiss Porsche racer was only the fifth.

“It took some time to succeed, but today’s result can be considered ideal, because I won both the qualification and the race, and also drove the fastest lap,” commented Stoffel Vandorn after the finish. “Today we were fast and able to avoid trouble, which was 99% the key to success.”

Today’s victory allowed Wandorn to get ahead of Pascal Wehrlein in the individual standings of the Race at Home series and become a leader, although his advantage is only a couple of points. The dual finals of virtual Formula E will be held next weekend.