eSports: Jan Magnussen defeats first Legends

eSports: Jan Magnussen defeats first Legends

May 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Jan Magnussen started from the pole position on the first Saturday Legends Race, Jenson Button started from the second position, while the e-sports debutant Alonso showed a quite worthy 4th result in qualification, demonstrating speed on the virtual track in Zandvoort.

At the start, Magnussen retained the lead, Mika Salo, who started the race third, rather roughly pushed Button off the trajectory and went to the second position, but Alonso was not lucky, he started not in the best way, first allowing a U-turn, and then hitting the chipper, and after two laps rode the 6th.

Magnussen was in the lead, Salo was a couple of seconds behind, but the Finn was chasing the Button, which in turn held back the onslaught of Juan Pablo Montoya.

On the 3rd lap, Alonso again did not keep the car on the track, being on the sidelines, which allowed Franchitti and Fernandez to get around him.

By the 4th lap, the Button almost caught up with Salo, the car was separated by less than a second, but the Finnish Formula 1 veteran continued to drive quite quickly and was not going to give up easily.

On the 6th lap, the interval between their machines was reduced to a minimum, and at the beginning of the next lap the Button was able to get ahead of the opponent on the start-finish line. Salo tried to counterattack in the first turns of the circle, but to no avail, although the Button was not able to noticeably break away from the pursuer.

But Montoya was already catching up with Salo and on the 8th lap he stepped forward, and the maneuver was bright, with a slight skid, which from the side looked very impressive.

Magnussen, meanwhile, continued to build up his lead, and the circle to the end of the race was ahead of the Button by more than five seconds. The finish line father of the racer Haas crossed the first, but it is funny that after that he lost control of the car and firmly attached to the chipper. However, this did not deprive him of victory, Button finished second, Montoya – third.

Mika Salo, who spoke in a white Brabham car with the SMP Racing logo, got the 4th place, and closed the first five Vitantonio Liuzzi.

Alonso in the first race was unlucky, he got into accidents several times, found himself off the track and finished far beyond the top ten.