eSports: Alonso won two races, and Button won the Cup of Legends

eSports: Alonso won two races, and Button won the Cup of Legends

May 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Probably, Fernando Alonso regretted that he did not participate in the Legends Cup from the very beginning of this curious virtual tournament, because judging by how he spent his ending, the Spaniard would have every chance of the title. It is enough to say that he won four victories in a row, including today he won two races at Silverstone.

And the champion was Jenson Button, and he secured the title ahead of schedule, finishing second in the first Saturday race. But you need to start with the fact that Fernando won the qualification, started excellently and immediately began to build up the advantage, quite quickly bringing it to five seconds.

Then he lost all this reserve when he made a mistake, driving Vale chicane along his usual track configuration, while in the Cup of Legends its classic version is used. When he returned to the track, the Button and Jan Magnussen were already very close, however, did not have time to do anything, and the Spaniard was the first to cross the finish line.

But the points scored by Jenson were enough to win the “Cup of Legends”.

According to the rules of the series, in the second race a reversible starting grid is used, so the Button and Alonso were in the tail itself, which, however, did not prevent them from distinguishing themselves once again.

Fernando, who started from the last position, was already sixth at the end of the first lap, and ahead of two more at the second, moving to 4th position. Jenson also made his way forward, although not so swiftly, but by the end of the second round he was driving 9th.

Alonso, meanwhile, was ahead of Tom Coronel and already settled in third position – he was separated from the duo of leaders only 1.5 seconds. On the third lap, he beat Dario Franchitti nicely and rushed in pursuit of another American veteran of the CART and IndyCar series, Michel Jourdain.

When the two-time world champion calmly pressed the Mexican in the struggle for leadership, the button at the cost of titanic efforts made it to the top five. But further events developed according to a somewhat unexpected scenario: Jourdain made a mistake, his car turned around in the Luffield corner, so Alonso had to slow down, which was used by Frankitti and became the leader.