Erickson is unhappy that he could not perform at the Spa

Erickson is unhappy that he could not perform at the Spa

September 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The appearance of Marcus Erickson in the paddock of the Grand Prix of Belgium was unexpected for many – the Swede arrived at the Spa at the request of Alfa Romeo, who was afraid that Kimi Raikkonen could not drive due to a leg injury. As a result, Kimi safely participated in the Grand Prix, and Erickson, who had missed the IndyCar series stage for his arrival in Belgium, was clearly dissatisfied with this fact.

“I’m trying to sign a contract for the next season at IndyCar, so participating in each race is an opportunity to show everything I can do,” Erickson said on Viasat. – Of course, there is nothing good that I missed the race, but there was a real chance that I would get a chance to drive, so I decided to fly to the Spa. Kimi and the team strongly doubted that he would be able to compete in the race. Not the best situation for me, but sometimes it happens.

I don’t know how close I am to the new IndyCar contract, but many teams show interest in me. We are continuing negotiations with my current team, so there are opportunities, but there are no guarantees until the contract is signed. Apparently, there is interest in me, so I am optimistic about the 2020th. ”

Marcus Erickson is not very successful in spending his debut year at IndyCar – for one stage before the end of the season he takes 17th place in the individual competition. For comparison, another Swedish series debutant Felix Rosenquist takes the 8th position in the championship, and at the last stage in Portland finished second.