Environmentalists will choose the most harmful SUV

Environmentalists will choose the most harmful SUV

June 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The reward to the winner of the German award will be the removal of the model from production.

The Der Goldene Geier 2020 Prize is awarded to the most harmful car in Germany. This year, the Union of German environmentalists wants to assign it to the most harmful SUV, after which it will begin to seek to stop the production of this car. Everyone can vote by registering on the official website of the organizers of the award.

Five of the most frequently criticized by environmentalists SUVs were selected as applicants for the “golden neck”: the hybrid Audi Q7, BMW X7, Range Rover Sport, Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck and Mercedes GLS.

“The models offered by manufacturers are getting harder, longer and taller every year, and we need light and efficient vehicles. Because of fashion, manufacturers continue to produce meaningless armored monsters, because they can be sold at a higher price, but ultimately the climate pays for it, and we people, ”said eco-activist Barbara Metz.

It is very surprising how a pickup truck got to SUVs, but environmentalists say that Amarok emissions are at the level of other applicants for the completion of production and amount to 276 g of CO2 per 1 km. Note that for the BMW X7 M50i this figure is 357 g / km, for the Range Rover Sport SVR – 390 km / km, for the Audi Q7 55 TFSI e quattro despite its hybrid powerplant – 302 g / km, and for the Mercedes GLS 36 AMG – 459.3 g / km.

Recall that the BMW X7 M50i 5.15 meters long and 2.22 meters wide does not fit into standard parking spaces. The mass of the car is 2.6 tons, and the engine power is 530 hp. The British Range Rover Sport SVR has a length of 4.88 meters, a width of more than 2.22 meters, a mass of 2.6 tons, a power of 575 hp. The Audi Q7 55 TFSI e quattro plug-in hybrid has a length of more than 5.06 m, a width of 2.21 m, and its weight is 2.53 tons. Engine power is 340 hp.

The Volkswagen Amarok pickup performed by Aventura has a length of 5.25 meters, a width of more than 2.24 meters, a mass of 2.3 tons, and a power plant capacity of 258 hp. Mercedes GLS 36 AMG: 5.21 meters long, 2.16 meters wide, weight – 2.6 tons, power – 634 hp Awarding of the “winners” will take place in August ..