Enthusiasts tested the Ford Raptor S – an incredible version of the American pickup truck

Enthusiasts tested the Ford Raptor S – an incredible version of the American pickup truck

September 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ford Raptor S

Those guys who put their videos on the car theme on Youtube (their channel is called SeenThruGlass), they tested the American pickup Ford Raptor. And for the tests they looked not at the usual version of this car, but essentially modernized, which received a prefix in the name S.

It’s safe to say that the US full-size Ford Raptor pickup in the S-version is one of the most powerful and luxurious pickups that ever were built. Automobile enthusiasts who have a channel on Youtube – called SeenThruGlass, decided to show us what a miracle this Ford Raptor S is. I must say that by combining impressive off-road capabilities with a rather luxurious cabin, this car is an unusual pickup , in the standard sense. Even the incredible modification of the F-350 Mega Raptor, which was presented by the engineers of the tuning company Defco, can hardly be compared with the Ford Raptor S.

We want to say that the Ford Raptor S is the realization of an ambitious project already 3 ateliers – Galpin Auto Sports, 1221 Wheels and Salomondrin. The customized modification of the F-150 Raptor pickup combines interior luxury and improved off-road performance.

The car received a salon, executed in black with red accents, and from the changes in appearance it is worth noting 20-inch wheels of 1221 Wheels. Although I must say that the exterior of the pickup has not changed very much.

A couple of words about the salon – it is here that the main works were deployed. The foreign edition STG described the interior of the Ford Raptor S as something luxurious, more like Mercedes-Benz models. We want to note the stellar ceiling, as well as a huge touch-screen 12-inch screen infotainment system, trim Alcantara and high-quality white leather. The chairs received a massage function.

The tuners also worked on the technical stuffing of the American full-size pickup truck. Under the hood of the Ford Raptor S is a powerful engine, the maximum power of which was increased by 102 hp, and the maximum torque rose by 203 Nm.

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