Engine of 3000-horsepower diesel truck explodes on dyno

Engine of 3000-horsepower diesel truck explodes on dyno

September 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

When trying to measure the power of this diesel truck, its engine could not withstand the loads and exploded, tearing the entire engine compartment apart. The moment of the explosion was captured on video and published on the social network Facebook.

When you push a device to its limits, the likelihood that it will fail increases. This video from Industrial Injection Diesel Performance is a great example of this phenomenon. The tuning company that built the monstrous powerplant decided to test the available power on a dyno. When the truck is on the dyno in order to record the exact power of its engine, the latter explodes, failing to withstand the maximum loads.

The video begins with a pillar of black smoke from a truck at a booth. The person behind the wheel gradually increases the engine speed … and only a few seconds remain before the engine explodes. The fire does not last long, and people nearby quickly take up fire extinguishers.

This was not the first launch of this engine on the stand in a day. The flashing numbers 2920 at the bottom of the screen represent the previous measurement for this engine. So close to the 3,000 horsepower goal, it’s not hard to understand the temptation of those who built this monster to try again and put even more effort into achieving their goal.

Another photo captures the moment of destruction. You can see the top of the engine going up and a fireball forming underneath. Everything fell apart in the blink of an eye.

The driver sustained several hand burns, but there were no other serious injuries from this catastrophic accident. The real sacrifice is the carefully tuned Injection Diesel Performance engine. But the creators of this monster do not despair and are going to accelerate another similar engine to 3000 hp in the near future.

Judging by the image of this engine before its destruction, the guys at Injection Diesel Performance have created a far from ordinary power plant that you would ever use on the street. Instead, this beast is the company’s way of showing what it can do.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote about how much horsepower remained in a 1979 Ford Mustang. The LMR team from the YouTube channel of the same name drove a 1979 Ford Fox Body Mustang onto a dyno to test its engine power. At the time of testing, the car’s odometer shows a mileage of more than 289,681 km.