Embassy Traveler or Porch Sports Camper

Embassy Traveler or Porch Sports Camper

July 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Embassy introduced an updated concept of a motor home – the van got the opportunity to expose the rear porch, which can accommodate a couple of extra beds.

When it comes to motorhomes, creating the largest possible space inside not-so-huge vehicles is perhaps one of the most important tasks. If you take small vans as the basis of the project, they have good maneuverability, but in this case the volume of the living area suffers. Large caravans are literally houses away from your actual home, but at the same time, you will experience problems with parking and maneuvering in narrow locations.

Embassy showed a compact motorhome with a huge living space.

Available using either a Ram ProMaster or Ford Transit chassis, the new Traveler has the option of expanding the interior with an impressive tent size that sticks out unfolded behind the van. The hard floor is supported by special stops, and the canvas awning forms the side walls and the roof. In essence, this gives the caravan a large enclosed porch that can be used as you like.

Of course, additional space is mainly needed to increase the number of beds or for the dining area. “This is a new approach to creating more space in smaller cars,” company officials say.

In the basic configuration, tourists can use a 420 Ah battery with a 3000 W inverter. There are also 23.5-gallon double tanks for fresh and industrial water, as well as a fully equipped kitchen and lounge with shower. The front sofa folds into a bed, but with an additional rear porch, obviously, there is room for more beds.

Traveler Sport is reportedly priced from $ 100,000

Not so long ago, our publication wrote about the motorhome, which was built on the basis of the Chevrolet S-10. Not quite an ordinary motorhome, which was built by tuning company New World Editions, Inc. back in the last century, now sold for $ 4,800