Elvis Presley’s pickup truck put up for sale

Elvis Presley’s pickup truck put up for sale

February 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

In February, the GAA classic cars auction will host an auction for which everyone will have the opportunity to purchase a 1967 GMC pickup that once belonged to Elvis Presley. The starting price of the lot has not yet been announced.

According to reports, Elvis Presley bought this truck along with several others in the same batch in 1967 for use on his Mississippi ranch. The only difference between each of the seven cars purchased was the color. So, the pickups were painted in blue, red and green shades. Moreover, it is the green sample that is put up for sale.

The description for the lot says that the car is in excellent condition, has no traces of corrosion, and the interior is in its original form. At the same time, the car was restored – the frame was put in order, because of which the body was removed. The motor was also dismantled, but not moved. As specified, the power unit does not require this. The mileage cannot be checked, but the description indicates 133.6 thousand km.

It is noted that the GMC pickup that appeared at the auction belongs to the second generation of the C-series. it was 54 years ago that the model entered the conveyor. Elvis Presley bought the basic version of the model with rear-wheel drive and a load capacity of 0.5 tons. The car is driven by an in-line 4.1-liter “six”, which worked together with a 3-speed manual transmission.