Elonn Mask forced to advertise Tesla cars

Elonn Mask forced to advertise Tesla cars

June 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla is one of the few automakers whose cars do not need advertising and, accordingly, do not produce it. However, this may change soon.

A vote will be held at the next meeting of Tesla shareholders, at which Elon Mask, the head of the American brand, will be forced to do what he has resisted for so long – to shoot ads for his electric cars. James Danforth, one of the largest shareholders of the company, offers the company to spend at least $ 50 on advertising each produced car. However, the board of directors is still resisting these measures.

“Advertising can increase brand value, product awareness and interest. Tesla advertising can help soften and dilute substantial client-side FUDs (“fear, uncertainty, doubt”) and misinformation campaigns sponsored by competitors and ill-wishers around the world, ”Danforth said.

Musk himself believes that the money spent on advertising can be used to improve the product. At the same time, he regularly mentions the advantages of his cars on his Twitter, where about 35 million people from all over the world subscribe to it.

In addition, the other day, NASA astronauts delivered a Tesla Model X electric crossover to the Crew Dragon. In February 2018, the SpaceX rocket delivered the cherry-red Tesla Roadster to space.