Elon Musk told about the first Tesla pickup

Elon Musk told about the first Tesla pickup

March 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The image you see above seems to be the first official teaser for the first ever American Tesla pickup. It is reported that the novelty “will be published” at the end of this year.

The late Steve Jobs, being the CEO of one of the largest US IT companies – Apple, often had a secondary product that could be disclosed at major events of this company – a kind of “ace in the hole”. Tesla car company apparently decided to follow this example.

After the big show last night, at which the new Model Y crossover was introduced, many began to wonder what kind of “one more thing” or whether it really was – yes yes, the pick-up was announced quite mysteriously.

The founder and CEO of the American brand, Elon Musk, published a post earlier on his Twitter page that says that “we have already presented something, but it has gone unnoticed.” But all the same, what is this mysterious novelty was never said, and finally, a couple of minutes ago, a rather interesting teaser image was published. Judging by him, the new model will be a fully electric pickup, which will receive the stylist of the 80s. I will note a rather dark theme of the whole teaser.

Elon Musk also revealed several details about the new model. A pickup without a name (for now) will get two electric motors and a dynamic suspension that will automatically adjust to the load. The power reserve of the novelty can reach 804 km.