Elon Musk revealed a source of inspiration for designers Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk revealed a source of inspiration for designers Tesla Cybertruck

December 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The premiere of the Tesla Cybertruck electric car was remembered by the audience not only with the broken glass of the futuristic “armored car”, but also with its non-trivial body design. For its unusual appearance, the novelty was jokingly even compared to a low-poly model of a car from an old computer game. But as it turned out later, this assumption was not so far-fetched.

After the presentation of the pickup truck, the famous blogger Felix Chelberg, known as PewDiePie, drew attention to his resemblance to the cult Warthog jeep from the gaming universe Halo. He posted an ironic collage on Twitter, placing Cybertruck with a “pre-photographed” machine gun in the frame of the game, and asked Elon Mask whether he would be able to install various options.

The head of Tesla did not stay in debt and replied that the car will have “flying devices”. Later, the businessman directly confirmed that the design of the novelty is “borrowed” from computer games. “Cybertruck is inspired by games like Halo. This is Warthog in real life, ”he said on his blog.

It is not yet known what kind of “devices” Ilon Musk meant. It was unlikely that it was a machine gun, but it is worth noting that the billionaire owned The Boring Company had previously released a hand-held flamethrower with the original name “flameproof”. It is possible that someday such an exotic modification of the electric car will light up on Twitter, albeit in the form of a prototype.