Elon Musk promised to release the fastest sports car in the world

Elon Musk promised to release the fastest sports car in the world

November 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The second-generation Tesla Roadster electric coupe should be the fastest production sports car in the world. About this in an interview with the publication Recode said the head of Tesla Elon Musk .

“The next generation Tesla Roadster will be the fastest mass-produced sports car in the world in all respects. This applies to acceleration, maximum speed and handling. It is very important for us to create an electric car that will be more dynamic than any of the fastest petrol cars, ” – said Musk.

The prototype of the second-generation Tesla Roadster was introduced in the fall of 2017. It was equipped with three electric units, allowing the coupe to accelerate from zero to 96 km / h in 1.9 seconds. The quarter-mile (402 m) drag distance is 8.9 seconds, and its maximum speed exceeds 400 km per hour. At the same time, Tesla’s test pilot Emil Buret said that these are very “cautious” preliminary indicators and the serial Roadster will turn out even faster.

At the moment, Tesla is also developing an electric pickup truck, which, according to Mask, will receive a futuristic design in the style of cyberpunk. Already in the standard, the car will have two electric engines with “crazy torque” and four-wheel drive. The car will be able to drive about 650-800 kilometers without recharging the batteries.