Elon Musk performed Victory Dance in Shanghai

Elon Musk performed Victory Dance in Shanghai

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The opening of a new production in Shanghai will be remembered for the perky dance from Elon Mask. In Shanghai, a solemn event dedicated to the official launch of the conveyor was held.

The billionaire, famous for his extraordinary tricks, once again decided to surprise the public. At the opening ceremony of the production start at the Gigafactory in Shanghai, he performed a perky, solo dance.

This action takes place under the Tesla Model Y slide show, which will continue the series of electric cars. So, Model 3 – the first model in local production, which has already won the love of consumers, produces 1,000 cars a week with a localization of 30 percent. Until the end of this year, the electric car will be produced 100% from local components.

Today in China, Model 3 is sold for 355,800 yuan. With an increase in the level of production volumes, a decrease in the cost of an electric car by 20 percent is forecasted.