Elon Musk named two main priorities for Tesla

Elon Musk named two main priorities for Tesla

December 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The end of the year and the quarter means for workers Tesla traditional rush. The head of the company indicated which areas to focus on – and only one of them is related to automobiles.

The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, wrote a motivating letter for the company’s employees, whom at the end of the year awaits the usual rush in expectation of records. They will have to be installed in two directions: the supply of electric cars and the suddenly revived business of installing solar panels.

Excerpts from a letter received from an unnamed source were published by Electrek.

Musk calls the first priority priority “delivery to customers of all cars” – apparently, all produced at the end of this year. In the third quarter, Tesla already set a record, not reaching the cherished mark of 100,000 cars. A source from Electrek claims that each week in December will be a record, and the company is likely to cross that bar.

However, some experts believe that companies need to set records not in terms of sales, but in profit.

The second most important priority for Ilona is “increasing the volume of solar panel installations.” The business, which for a long time brought only millions of losses and disappointments to Tesla, began to come to life. Last quarter, the company installed 43 MW of panels, and also launched a rental service: installing a system for a household will cost only $ 50 per month.

In October, the company announced a new generation of solar-powered roof tiles and claimed to be ready to begin truly mass production. Musk then argued that this sector has every chance to surpass the successes of the automotive division.