Elon Musk explained the unusual design of the Cybertruck pickup truck

Elon Musk explained the unusual design of the Cybertruck pickup truck

December 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The design of the new Tesla Cybertruck pickup caused an ambiguous reaction not only among car enthusiasts – even the manufacturer of the designer managed to walk on the exterior of the novelty. The head of the company undertook to explain the choice of such a non-trivial constructive solution. Answering a question that is relevant among network users, Elon Musk explained what advantages the “chopped” body shape gives the electric car.

According to the businessman, the Cybertruck chip will be not only the visual component, but also a record in its class aerodynamic drag coefficient. Its value will be 0.3 – before that, the Dodge Ram 1500 with a coefficient of 0.36 was considered the most effective pickup in this regard. For comparison, the Tesla Model 3 sedan has a coefficient of 0.23.

The Tesla CEO’s tweet was a response to an “investigation” conducted by an aerospace engineer Justin Martin. According to him, the unusual shape of the pickup causes turbulence only at the top of the windshield and behind the car. Since Martin did not reliably know the characteristics of the wings and wheel arches, he decided not to calculate the drag coefficient. However, he noted that it should be much lower than most sports cars.


Musk claims that the smooth bottom of an electric car is also important, helping to reduce the drag coefficient. Skeptics, in turn, note that the bumpers, side mirrors and other elements that are necessary for the car in accordance with the legislation of several countries, which are missing from the prototype, can significantly affect the measurement results.

Accurate information about the real aerodynamic characteristics of the new Tesla electric car is expected to become known with the release of a production version in 2021.