Elon Musk drives a Tesla Cybertruck near Los Angeles

Elon Musk drives a Tesla Cybertruck near Los Angeles

May 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video was posted on the Web in which a new American-made electric pickup truck under the control of Elon Mask drives through a tunnel laid out by the Boring Company near Los Angeles.

The clip begins with Jay Leno, Musk and Tesla senior designer Franz von Holzhausen, the one who broke the pickup armored glass, discussing the overall design of Cypertruck. It not only looks unlike any pickup on the market, but also differs from existing Tesla models and any other cars that have ever appeared on the roads.

Before Leno and Musk hit the road, the businessman briefly stood on the luggage compartment lid to show how durable it is. Unlike the last Cybertruck demonstration, where its “armored” side windows crashed, the lid did not break and easily supported the weight of the Mask.

While driving, Leno had the opportunity to drive on Cybertruck through the test tunnel of The Boring Company, passing near Los Angeles. Musk says this was the first time that Cybertruck went into a tunnel. The car easily coped with the task.

We learn very little about how to actually drive Cybertruck on public roads in the video. Recall that the novelty will be on the conveyor by the end of 2021.