Elon Musk creates underground tunnels near Los Angeles for electric cars only

Elon Musk creates underground tunnels near Los Angeles for electric cars only

January 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

ICE vehicles will still have to move above ground level, since the implementation of carbon monoxide removal from the underground tunnel is very expensive and difficult. Now the question is being raised about the construction of high-speed underground roads in many cities.

Elon Musk and his “The Boring Company” continue to implement a large-scale network of underground tunnels for cars. As planned by the billionaire, these three-dimensional multi-level roads under the ground will relieve the city and get rid of traffic jams. So far, the only tunnel under Los Angeles has been put into test operation. Preliminary tests have shown the potential of a startup.

At present, Elon has launched a vote on his Twitter account. In it, he is interested in people, if they would like such underground roads for their city. The vast majority (66%) answered yes, 18% chose the option “Maybe”, and only 16% admitted that they like traffic jams. And a little earlier he said that such tunnels would be used only by electric cars.

 In addition to the constructed tunnel in Los Angeles, the company is working on a new one in Las Vegas. It will connect the new and old buildings of the City Conference Center. Tesla cars will run along it, including a special modification of Model X Сhassis for 16 people.

So far, underground tunnel projects are at the conceptual testing stage. Whether they will receive large-scale development is unknown.