Elon Musk calls Tesla’s next “killer product”

Elon Musk calls Tesla’s next “killer product”

October 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company is already hiring the necessary specialists en masse

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is confident that Tesla’s next “killer product” or “killer product” (as it is customary to call a product that leaves no chance to competitors in its category) of Tesla is a solar panel in the form of a roof – Solar Roof. This will become “evident” next year, Musk said.

“When you look at the neighborhood in the future, ten years from now, what do you want? What foods will make your life better? What kind of future do you want? I think that a future in which we have beautiful energy-generating roofs that are strong and resilient and better in every way than a regular roof and filled with energy is the future we want. Solar Roof is a killer product. This will become apparent next year, “the source quoted Musk.

“The total number of solar cell deployments more than doubled in the third quarter to 57 MW from the previous quarter, with the number of Solar Roof deployments nearly tripling,” the Tesla CEO said.

The source found Tesla is rapidly recruiting employees to expand its rooftop solar panels. This is evidenced by the emergence of a large number of Tesla ads for vacancies for roofers in the United States.

The source also recalls that the manufacturer recently changed the types of underlays used for solar tiles and lowered prices.