Elon Musk called flying cars a threat to pedestrians

Elon Musk called flying cars a threat to pedestrians

May 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The head of Tesla Motors spoke about the possible emergence of a multitude of flying vehicles that would pose a serious danger to people

The head of the American manufacturer of electric cars Tesla Motors Elon Musk believes that the mass appearance of flying cars can represent a serious danger to the public. This entrepreneur said at an event dedicated to his startup The Boring Company, reports CNET.

“In the future there will be a huge number of flying vehicles chaotically moving in the air. There will necessarily be those who will not service their cars properly. This will inevitably lead to a fall from the sky, say, tires, which someone will tear off his head, “- said Musk.

At the moment, the development of so-called “flying” cars leads at once several dozen companies from around the world. For example, aerospace companies Airbus and Boeing are working on such projects. Plus, the service “air taxi” is going to launch the company Uber, a special dispatch service for which will create NASA, and in Dubai are already testing this service with devices from the German startup Volocopter. Finally, over the flying car Toyota is working, which will present the finished model in 2020 at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

As for Ilona Mask, he oversees the start-up of The Boring Company, which creates a new type of transport system. The concept is to build high-speed tunnels under big cities, for which electric cars and electric buses will move on special platforms.

Mask argues that the use of the new system will significantly relieve land lines and reduce the level of road congestion in cities. The head of Tesla believes that, for example, the route from Westwood to Los Angeles International Airport will take no more than five minutes for such a tunnel, while on the ground it takes from 30 minutes to one hour.