Elon Musk became the highest paid CEO in the US

Elon Musk became the highest paid CEO in the US

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Elon Musk topped the ranking of the highest paid executives in 2018, compiled by The New York Times. His remuneration was $ 2.284 billion.

In just one year, Mask’s income from his activity as head of Tesla increased by 4,575,310%. Such rapid growth was made possible not due to the fact that an eccentric billionaire himself writes premiums of unchecked proportions, but due to special conditions of remuneration. In 2018, Tesla established new rules for the CEO compensation package. They are painted ten years ahead and are tied to the achievement of certain financial indicators.

In fact, it turns out that Mask’s salary was $ 55,000. That is what the average Tesla employee gets. The rest of the amount is represented by stock options. According to company representatives, they have not yet been redeemed, that is, in fact, while the head of Tesla received only those same $ 55,000.

By the way, about the average salary. $ 55 thousand is a relatively modest figure both in the automotive sector and in the United States as a whole. Among the 200 companies included in the rating, Tesla takes only 138th place.

Mary Barra also entered the list of the highest paid executives of companies: the head of General Motors earned $ 22 million in 2018. It is curious that in GM the average salary is $ 77,849, that is, about one and a half times more than in Tesla. Ford’s performance is slightly lower: CEO James Hackett received $ 18 million, the average employee received $ 64,316.