Elon Musk accidentally changed the rules for Tesla cars return

Elon Musk accidentally changed the rules for Tesla cars return

March 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The manufacturer of electric cars changed the return policy after contradictory tweets of Tesla CEO. Now a full refund will be offered within 7 days or up to 1000 miles, regardless of whether customers have taken test drives or not.

The fact is that recently, Director-General Elon Musk, in his Twitter account, explained how the return of electric vehicles works. He pointed out that buyers can return the car within seven days and receive a full refund, regardless of whether they took a test drive or a demonstration from the company. It should be noted that this contradicted the official Tesla refund policy, which explicitly stated that the full seven-day refund policy applies only to customers who “did not test the car.” However, now the refund policy has been aligned with the words of the head of the company.

In Tesla deny the connection of these events, indicating that the changes were accepted earlier, but there was a delay in updating the information on the site.

Interestingly, Tesla has recently changed its refund policy. So, on February 28, when the company announced its intention to close stores and fully switch to Internet sales, a seven-day return period was adopted with a mileage limit (1000 miles).

Prior to that, the standard full refund period was “one calendar day after purchase” for those who passed a test drive, or “three calendar days” for those who bought a car without testing.