Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite Rolls-Royce will sell

Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite Rolls-Royce will sell

July 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This car, owned by the legendary American actress, three times awarded the Oscar, painted in a fairly rare color. The movie star herself called this shade “green goddess.”

At the auction will sell another expensive “star” car. This was written by several foreign publications. The new “lot” belonged to the skoronosnaya film star of the 1960s, Elizabeth Taylor. This is a Rolls-Royce, painted in a rather rare shade with the official name “smoke green”. However, the actress herself came up with a much more poetic name for him – “the green goddess”. It is known that the color of the car Taylor ordered under her wedding dress.

Another feature of this Rolls-Royce is its belonging to those 20 rare instances of the Silver Cloud II Drophead left-hand drive coupe. For a car of a Hollywood movie star, they plan to bail out $ 7 million.

It is expected that collectors from all over the world will compete for Elizabeth Taylor’s auto. Among the advantages of this Rolls-Royce is not only its history, but also a practically new state. After Taylor, in whose possession the Rolls-Royce was almost 20 years old, the car changed two owners who almost did not drive this star-mounted coupe. As a result, the car mileage reached the mark of 41,000 miles.