Elevate kit converts mountain bikes to electric

Elevate kit converts mountain bikes to electric

September 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Bicycle electrification systems are not new, but most require wheel changes. The Elevate kit differs in that it fits onto the rear disc brake. It was developed by California-based startup Bimotal specifically for mountain biking.

Toby Ricco, founder of San Francisco-based startup Bimotal, came up with the idea for a detachable mountain bike electrification kit after he was injured and was unable to climb the steep hills on his own, says New Atlas.

The Elevate system consists of four main parts: a 750 watt motor that mounts above the rear brake on the same mount; a brake rotor for a specific system, which replaces the existing rotor; cylindrical lithium battery 250 W * h, which is attached to the place of the water bottle; and steering wheel control.

The maximum speed of the bike with Elevate is 45 km / h, the battery lasts about 24 – 48 km, depending on the load. In the current model, the system is implemented only at the hardware level, but Ricco intends to release a version with Bluetooth and pedaling assist function.

If the motor is temporarily not needed, the owner just needs to remove the battery from the socket and disconnect the motor. The entire system weighs 2.7 kg including the rotor.

Elevate can be reserved for $ 1950. Deliveries are expected early next year.

The Unlimited Ebike Conversion Kit will cost you almost four times the cost of electrifying your bike. The kit is sent by mail and installation takes a few minutes.