Electronics at Tesla 6 years ahead of large corporations

Electronics at Tesla 6 years ahead of large corporations

February 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Agency Nikkei Business Publications dismantled the Tesla Model 3 and reported that the electronics, which are installed in the electric sedan, are 6 years ahead of the technology of large automakers such as Volkswagen and Toyota.

A feature of Tesla, which can make a turn in the industry, is the Full Self Driving (FSD) computing platform, which is responsible for processing information from sensors of the Autopilot system.

The FSD computer, which was shown in the spring of 2019, consists of 2 boards: one with 2 AI chips is responsible for the operation of modern cruise control, the other controls the multimedia complex. However, a liquid-cooled heat sink is installed. Each AI chip includes 6 billion transistors, a 2-furnace neural network accelerator, a graphics chip with a capacity of 600 gigaflops and a 12-core ARM Cortex-A72 processor (2.2 gigahertz).

 The creator of microprocessor architectures Jim Keller, who served as vice president of autopilot in 2016, helped in the development of the new Tesla chip.

 Insiders interviewed by Nikkei BP believe that such technologies will appear at the earliest in 2025, and, accordingly, Tesla overtakes the field by about 6 years. Also, developments like FSDs are destroying traditional component supply chains because machines no longer need dozens of separate electronic control units