Electromobile-transformer iEV 1 presented in Düsseldorf

Electromobile-transformer iEV 1 presented in Düsseldorf

August 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

With the engineers’ efforts, the revolutionary model was so adaptable to the conditions of driving in the city that it can change its shape depending on the situation on the road.

Today, motorists living in large cities are increasingly choosing compact and manoeuvrable cars that perfectly fit into the rhythm of the modern metropolis. Demand, as you know, gives rise to a proposal. Most car manufacturers dilute the lineup of their models with miniature electric vehicles, most often focusing on single-seat models. In particular, many startups adhere to this policy.

Against this background, a team of developers from the German Dusseldorf, who came up with a unique “sliding” electric car, in which two people can travel at once with comfort. The model-transformer was called iEV 1.

Its main feature is that such a futuristic machine can change its original form, adapting to the surrounding environment.

So, single-seat electric car with dimensions 78×160 cm “with a slight movement of the hand” turns into a double, increasing in size up to 190×220 cm. Such a transformation becomes possible thanks to a special mechanism. The additional seat, located behind the driver’s seat, folds, “expanding” the space for maneuver: now it will be possible to transport a small cargo or to attach a passenger.

The iEV 1 weighs only 115 kg, and the maximum speed it develops is 45 kilometers per hour. The electromobile-transformer operates due to the lithium-ion battery of 48 kW, which guarantees a power reserve of 60 kilometers. It is interesting that the electric car can not only change its dimensions, but also self-charged. The integrated solar panel is responsible for this process. The price tag on the car starts at $ 9,098.

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