Electrification is gaining momentum: Volkswagen ID.3 nearly overtakes Golf

Electrification is gaining momentum: Volkswagen ID.3 nearly overtakes Golf

January 28, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

JATO Dynamics has published detailed EU sales statistics for December 2020. It contains several surprises. The main one is that the second most popular electric car is Volkswagen ID.3. He was second only to the legendary Golf.

Demand for gasoline and diesel vehicles (including hybrids and mild hybrids) fell 23%, while sales of electric vehicles rose 271%. If in December 2019, “electric trains” accounted for only 6.3% of the total car market, then in December 2020 – already 24%. The almost fourfold breakthrough proved that the structure of the car market can change rapidly.

Moreover, one more electric car was in the top three in the EU market: Tesla Model 3 took the bronze. This is how the list of the most popular new cars in the European Union in December 2020 looked like:

Volkswagen Golf – 30 073 pcs. (-2%);
Volkswagen ID.3 – 27,997 pcs. (-);
Tesla Model 3 – 24,567 pcs. (+ 11%);
Renault Clio – 22 399 pcs. (-19%);
Peugeot 208 – 20,690 units (+ 17%);
Toyota Yaris – 20 465 pcs. (+ 45%);
Skoda Octavia – 18 853 units (+ 18%);
Renault Captur – 18 688 pcs. (-8%);
Fiat 500 – 18,680 pcs. (+ 66%);
Peugeot 2008 – 17,948 units (+ 62%).

The statistics turned out to be quite motley: sales of most models either grow sharply or plummet. The only rare exceptions are the relatively stable Volkswagen Golf and Renault Captur.

Another noteworthy point: all cars with growing demand are available as electric vehicles or at least hybrids. Peugeot 208, Fiat 500 and Peugeot 2008 are already available for purchase on pure electric traction, while Toyota Yaris is sold in Europe only in hybrid version.

All these facts eloquently indicate that the Old World is rapidly switching to electric transport and this is happening much faster than could have been assumed a year ago.