Electric Zero SR/F

Electric Zero SR/F

January 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company Zero Motorcycles conducts a full teaser campaign to promote the new electric Zero SR / F. During the publication of the first teaser, the manufacturer reported only that the new model was being developed on the basis of a new platform, and additional information leaked: power 120 hp, battery capacity almost 20 kWh, ABS, LCD dashboard, quality components.

In addition, some foreign media wrote that the manufacturer has made great progress in the design of the electric cycle. And we can confirm this rumor, since Zero Motorcycles have published a new teaser photo.

The photo shows the fuel tank, tail, headlight, steering wheel, front fender and several other details. We can conclude that Zero SR / F is a clean road builder. Of course, we now wonder what is hidden below. What are the frame, pendulum, power unit? All elements are important to see in order to understand the big picture.

Last year, Zero sold only 750 electric cycles, which is an extremely low figure, so the Zero SR / F may be the last chance for the American manufacturer to stand firmly on its feet and continue its activities in the segment of electric motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles is currently not a profitable business. Capital is constantly poured into it, which is not at all surprising, given the low level of sales.

According to rumors, the new Zero SR / F will cost about $ 20,000.