Electric VW ID.R breaks another speed record

Electric VW ID.R breaks another speed record

September 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

German electric car Volkswagen ID.R has set its fifth speed record – this time, it covered a full circle of the Bilster Berg race track in Germany in 1 minute 24.2 seconds. The length of the route was 4.2 km.

For a car that doesn’t make its usual engine noise, the all-electric Volkswagen ID.R is sure to make a lot of noise every time it reaches the race track. Racer Romain Dumas has been driving the incredible electric car Volkswagen ID.R for a long time – the first speed record was set in 2018. They worked together to set various speed records, showing the world what Volkswagen can do with its all-electric motor.

VW is not going to give up on its record-breaking attempts with ID.R. The last one was made in Germany, but this time, Monsieur Dumas has nothing to do with it.

A new record was set at the Bilster Berg race track in Germany with Dieter Depping driving the ID.R. The German electric car covered the 4.2 km track in just 1 minute 24.2 seconds, breaking the existing lap record of 1 minute 44.7 seconds set by the Radical SR3 SL. As you can see in the onboard video above, the record ride was surreal, and you could see the ID.R taking corners easily at tremendous speeds. And yes, the sound of the electric motor is simply incomparable.

It should be noted that ID.R began its existence with a record-breaking Pikes Peak Hill Climb, climbing to the top in 7: 57.148 and becoming the first electric car to cover the distance in less than eight minutes.

In addition, VW’s all-electric race car drove through the Nürburgring in an impressive 6:05.336, breaking the lap record for electric vehicles. He also climbed Mount Goodwood in 39.90 seconds and, you guessed it, set a new record.

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