Electric van Renault Master Z.E. became available for order

Electric van Renault Master Z.E. became available for order

November 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Renault has announced the start of receiving pre-orders for a new van with a fully electric power unit Renault Master Z.E. Power reserve is about 133 km at full charge of the batteries.

In Europe, pre-order has already been opened for a “green” novelty – a commercial van Renault Master Z.E. A distinctive feature of a car for Europe will be access to special ecological zones in the center of big cities, as well as the possibility of operation at any time of day. The model is expected to receive stable but limited demand.


The battery is able to provide about 133 km of reserve path due to the 33 kWh capacity. A full charge will take about 6 hours from a standard outlet. Special equipment for Master Z.E. includes a side charging connector ZE, pre-heating function and a sound simulator ZE – the sound that the car makes at low speeds to be more noticeable to pedestrians.

For customers will be offered three versions of the wheelbase, respectively, with a different length of the cargo part of the car. Another feature will be a warranty that extends over three years or 180,000 kilometers. The battery has its own warranty – five years or 108 km.