Electric Tricycle Arcimoto FUV Rapid Responder

Electric Tricycle Arcimoto FUV Rapid Responder

February 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Arcimoto is positioning its product as “Fun Utility Vehicle”. The vehicle can be used in a specific area, that is, it is a service, utilitarian.

What is fun? Probably implied non-standard design and management. As an example, the company Arcimoto prepared a version of Rapid Responder, which will help you quickly get to the scene of the incident and provide first aid, ensure order and safety.

Arcimoto FUV Rapid Responder is equipped with a fire extinguisher and a large first-aid kit. The manufacturer decided to test its product in Eugene, Oregon, where it collaborates with the local fire department.

This year they plan to launch mass production in order to begin deliveries in 2020.