Electric supercar Apex AP-0 showed the headlights – “dragon’s eyes”

Electric supercar Apex AP-0 showed the headlights – “dragon’s eyes”

March 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Novelty was to debut in Geneva

Hong Kong-based Apex Motors posted a teaser on social networks for the second model, the AP-0 electric supercar. Now the company showed the unusual head optics of the coupe, which lights up in a special way, imitating the eyes of the dragon.

The stylistics of Apex AP-0 is based on oriental traditions and should be associated with mythical monsters – dragons. The protruding elements of the aerodynamic “plumage” are called to recall creatures from fairy tales and legends, including a longitudinal fin, in the rear of which an additional brake light is built in, and in the front there is an active optical range finder, lidar.

Lidar complements the set of electronic assistants, creates a detailed map of the space 100 meters ahead, helping airborne systems quickly identify potential dangers, distinguish between pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, he helps to work as a virtual racing instructor who turns the process of driving on a track into a game.

So far it is only known that the chassis of the electric compartment is entirely made of carbon fiber, and the mass of the car is 1200 kilograms. Apex Motors promises to instill in the two-door the outstanding dynamics of acceleration and “perky” handling, as well as add stability at high speed and in corners.