Electric sedan Pininfarina will drive1000 kilometers without recharging

Electric sedan Pininfarina will drive1000 kilometers without recharging

April 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The design house Pininfarina will present at the motor show in Beijing two new concept cars, developed in cooperation with the Hong Kong company Hybrid Kinetic Group. One of them will be an electric sedan H500, images of which the studio published in its tweet.

Additional information about the novelty is not yet reported. Presumably, technologically H500 will repeat the previous concept cars Pininfarina: in particular, we are talking about the coupe HK GT, equipped with a hybrid power plant with a microturbogenerator. On one charge the sedan will be able to travel up to a thousand kilometers.

On the sketch of the interior it is evident that the electric car will receive a digital instrument panel, a central display deployed towards the driver and an additional touchscreen at the bottom of the console. It is probably using it to control the basic functions of the car.

Cooperation Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group began in 2017 with the production of electric sedan H600. Following him, the company developed the design of crossovers K550 and K750, as well as the coupe HK GT.

A feature of the concept cars was the power plant with a microturbogenerator, which is used to recharge the battery pack.