Electric sedan Lucid drove without recharging 640 kilometers

Electric sedan Lucid drove without recharging 640 kilometers

April 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The prototype of the 1000-horsepower electric sedan Lucid Air drove without recharging from San Francisco to Los Angeles. For most of the route, the car traveled along expressways at a speed of just over 100 kilometers per hour. The distance between the start and end points exceeded 640 kilometers.

According to legend, several Lucid Motors employees took the beta prototype of Air and went on it from the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley towards Beverly Hills, where Lucid Studio bureau will open in summer. First they rode along the Highway 1 coastal highway, and by evening, after stopping at San Luis Obispo, they drove into the vicinity of Santa Monica. Moreover, for all the time the electric car was charged only once, and the distance between the starting and ending points of the route exceeded 640 kilometers.

The company uses the term smart range when they talk about efficiency. The concept implies that significant mileage without recharging is achieved by optimizing energy consumption, and not by increasing battery capacity. It is known that the battery Lucid Air operates at a voltage of 900 volts, and in theory supports charging with a capacity of 450-500 kilowatts.

In 2017, Lucid Motors announced that the basic version of the Air sedan will get one electric motor on the rear axle (406 horsepower) and a traction battery of 75 kilowatt hours, which allows it to travel 386 kilometers without recharging. The top version of the Air was supposed to be a twin-engine (about a thousand forces), all-wheel drive and long-range – the power reserve would be from 507 to 644 kilometers.