Electric restomod based on Jeep Willys SUV

Electric restomod based on Jeep Willys SUV

May 2, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The AI ​​Design team, based in New York and specializing in car tuning, has begun to realize the owner’s dream of a Jeep Willys of turning his car into an electric car.

Is there a car more iconic than the American Willys Jeep SUV? This automotive masterpiece has long been the basis for various kinds of tuning projects. To date, a Jeepneys-like bus has been shown online – this version of the legend was created by an atelier in the Philippines, as well as a stainless steel electric vehicle conversion featured on the popular YouTube channel Hagerty in a series of MODIFIED videos.

The Jeep Willys platform is a ridiculously simple body structure on a frame with leaf springs and rigid axles.

“Nothing is easier than the Willys Jeep, making this a perfect candidate for extreme modifications such as converting an SUV into a fully electric vehicle,” said the tuners behind the electric Jeep Willys.

AI Design, a New York-based automotive tuning and engineering team, has embarked on a Jeep Willys owner’s dream of turning his car into an electric car. The owner inherited this stainless steel SUV from his grandfather, who kept it in his garage. After receiving this unique Jeep, he was sent to AI Design for a complete restoration and conversion into an electric vehicle.

The latter process consists of installing familiar components like Tesla battery cells, combined with a custom waterproof battery case and unique packaging that fits under the Willys hood. Tesla battery cells are the best choice for custom builds as they are readily available in the market and known in quantity due to years of widespread use.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that tuners from California presented a very extreme Jeep Gladiator 6×6. Tuning studio Next Level decided that four wheels in a car are the last century and made the Jeep Gladiator happy with another axle.