Electric Porsche Taycan showed in the back of the Coupe

Electric Porsche Taycan showed in the back of the Coupe

November 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

This year has become rich in the presentation of German electric cars, and very soon another Porsche Taycan will be presented. The model has already been declassified, but the designers thought it was not enough, and they presented the car in the coupe.

Next year, Zuffenhausen is expected to launch its first electric car, and it will be the five-door Taycan. The Panamera-like electric car will become the real founder of a whole line of green Porsche. And the photospies have already shown us that the company began testing the Taycan Sport Turismo electric station wagon.

More information from the manufacturer has not been received, but we know that the company will continue to electrify their cars. And if classic models such as the 911 will receive only hybrid versions so far, then the Taycan can offer a new-generation sports coupe.

Independent designers showed their own idea of ​​how an electric car could look like in a two-door body. And it is worth noting that the model looks very interesting! Judging by the image, the sports car will receive a shortened wheelbase, eating a more understated roof, as well as additional air intakes for cooling electric motors and braking systems.

In addition, we see that the model will receive a low rigid or pneumatic suspension. The front will remain unchanged, but the rear will receive significant processing with a new spoiler, bumper and diffuser.

Meanwhile, the Porsche 911 2020 model year has passed to the final tests. The model can be presented at the end of the month as a car of the 2020 model year.