Electric Porsche Taycan photographed without camouflage

Electric Porsche Taycan photographed without camouflage

July 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first electric car of the German mark will be shown in September 2019

A resident of Shanghai managed to photograph an electric Porsche Taycan with a minimum amount of camouflage. The first German-brand battery-powered car will receive a 600-horsepower powerplant and will celebrate its premiere this September.

The main visual feature of the Porsche Taycan will be deep-seated LED optics: here it was decided to abandon the traditional headlamps and integrate the modules directly into the air intakes – this will reduce drag and improve the flow of air. As for the general style of the electric car, according to Porsche chief designer Michael Mauer, it is more based on the classic proportions of 911 than on the five-door Panamera.

As a rule, electric cars are higher than ordinary cars with internal combustion engines, but Porsche also solved this problem without sacrificing a low center of gravity. The cabin has additional legroom – foot garage – which allowed for a low and comfortable fit.

Porsche Taycan will hit the market in two versions: a top-end version with a 600 horsepower power unit can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds, and up to 200 in 12 seconds. The company has already received about 20,000 pre-orders and is considering increasing the planned production volume.