Electric Porsche Taycan is gaining immense popularity

Electric Porsche Taycan is gaining immense popularity

January 13, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

According to official statistics, the Porsche Taycan electric car was sold in almost the same number of copies as the sports Boxster and Cayman combined. Taycan sales exceeded 20,000 units.

Porsche’s first production all-electric car seems to be a hit. The German automaker unveiled the Taycan sedan in the second half of 2019 before it went on sale shortly before the end of that year. That said, with 2020 behind us, we can look at Porsche’s sales figures and customers seem to be very happy with the Taycan. Sales of the model in its first full year exceeded 20,000 units and nearly surpassed sales of the Porsche 718.

Porsche sold a total of 21,784 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman units last year.

Right behind them was the Taycan, with 20,015 units sold last year. For the new model, this is an impressive first year of sales. New EVs often show strong sales at first, but decline in subsequent years as interest in them declines. In addition, new versions of the Taycan are coming soon, which could help boost future sales.

However, the Taycan has a long way to go to surpass other major Porsche sales leaders. The Cayenne was the number one selling Porsche in the world, with 92,860 crossovers sold. The iconic 911 sports car has been sold worldwide with a circulation of 34,328. The successful sales of the Taycan were not even hampered by a six-week production break. Total Porsche sales worldwide fell 3% to 272,162 models. Porsche sales rose in China, Africa and the Middle East.

The Taycan’s base trim is the 4S, although an even more affordable version is expected. Porsche is also developing the Taycan Cross Turismo station wagon.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the Porsche Taycan received a widebody kit from Prior Design. The famous tuning studio has decided to work on the appearance of the Porsche Taycan electric sedan. I must say that the created wide-body aerodynamic body kit adds even more aggressiveness to the German sports car.