Electric Polestar 2 for the first time shown on teaser

Electric Polestar 2 for the first time shown on teaser

January 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Volvo is preparing for the first show of a new model under a subsidiary brand. In support of the interest and development of the teaser campaign, the first image was published showing a part of the future car.

In a few weeks, a full-fledged presentation of the new model from Polestar will take place. Today, the company sent out the first teaser, with a short description of the novelty (very modest). Unfortunately, the date of the presentation is not reported. It is expected that the new model will receive four doors and a body in the style of fastback.

In the second model, the company will abandon the hybrid system and completely switch to electric traction. It is assumed that the power of the new car will be about 400 horsepower with a full power reserve of at least 500 km.

Another detail said by the company in the teaser is the price tag, which will be at the level of the Tesla Model 3. The car will go into production no earlier than 2020, immediately after the launch of the production of the sports coupe Polestar 1.

Another new product will be a new multimedia system, equipped with a huge touch screen, which will also become the platform for the global debut of the Google Android HMI, as well as the automotive version of Google Assistant.