Electric pickup will save GM factory from closing

Electric pickup will save GM factory from closing

September 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

General Motors plans to launch production of a new model at the facilities of the Detroit plant, which they initially wanted to close in 2020. In addition, the American automaker is investing an additional seven million dollars. The company voiced these promises to the workers’ union, which threatened it with the largest strike in 12 years.

Strikes at General Motors factories began on Sunday, September 15th – then about a thousand employees of five enterprises did not go to work. They demanded an increase in wages and the refusal to close a number of production facilities, which would inevitably result in massive reductions. On Monday, the production of machines and components was paralyzed at 33 sites belonging to the concern, and the total number of protesters reached 50 thousand. Then it was reported that this is the largest action since 2007.

According to new information, during the negotiations, General Motors made a promise not to close the Detroit plant and save jobs. At its facilities they can arrange the assembly of a new model, namely, an electric pickup truck. According to a CNBC source, electric cars will begin production in 2021, and they will go on sale in 2022.


Work on the electric pickup began last winter. According to preliminary data, the new product will be built on a fundamentally new platform and can compete with similar models from Tesla and Rivian startup, but there are no other details about it yet.

Pickups are very popular in the US market: approximately every eighth car sold belongs to this segment. The sales leader is the Ford F-150 (909,330 cars were sold last year), and the Chevrolet Silverado (583,227 units) has long been held in second place for a long time.