Electric Nissan Leaf turned into an eco-hearse

Electric Nissan Leaf turned into an eco-hearse

September 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The car is already available at 16 UK funeral homes

Nissan Leaf electric hatchback turned into an eco-friendly hearse. Now it is already available in 16 UK funeral homes.

Despite the absence of harmful emissions, the Nissan Leaf hearse was not the most successful – due to its rather compact size, there was almost no space left for the driver, so he sits almost next to the coffin, and not in front of him. The hatchback was also equipped with two large window panels on the sides, which allows you to easily view the entire interior.

An electric hatch was created by the director of one of the Kingdom’s funeral homes. The car has expanded the range of other environmentally friendly solutions that have already been implemented earlier – for example, his company offers biodegradable ballot boxes.

According to the publication Metro, the decision to create an electric hearse was a response to customer requests. According to him, recently more and more people have been worried about what harm the environment is causing, even despite their personal grief.

In mid-August, another electric car was turned into a ritual car – a hearse was commissioned by a Norwegian funeral worker based on the 2018 Tesla Model S. The car was cut in half to lengthen by 80 centimeters. Moreover, according to the owner, the former Tesla sedan is still under a five-year factory warranty.