Electric Mini towed cargo Boeing

Electric Mini towed cargo Boeing

May 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Production of the model will begin in the autumn of 2019

The pre-production prototype of the electric Mini Cooper SE acted as an airfield tractor and towed a 150-ton cargo plane from the loading point of the Frankfurt Airport. Demonstration of the capabilities of the machine has become part of a joint project of the BMW Group and Lufthansa Cargo.

In the video published by the manufacturer, you can see how the electric Mini tows the very same Boeing 777F, on which the presentation of the BMW Vision iNEXT concept took place last year. The car drove around the airport in Frankfurt a bit, and then it was loaded onto a plane.

Production of the serial electric car MINI Cooper SE will begin in November of this year. The model will be produced at the English BMW plant in Oxford. MINI Cooper SE is built on the basis of a three-door hatchback and according to preliminary information, equipped with a power plant from the BMW i3s: 184-horsepower electric motor and a battery with a capacity of 42.2 kilowatt-hours. Without recharging the electric Mini will be able to pass about 300 kilometers.