Electric Mazda MX-30 leads new brand electrification strategy

Electric Mazda MX-30 leads new brand electrification strategy

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new electric crossover will only be the beginning of an electrified milestone for the development of the brand. Later, hybrid and electric versions of existing models will enter the market, as well as new electric cars created in collaboration with Toyota and Denso.

Mazda has not yet announced the next electrified model. While she is busy with her new CX-30. However, we expect a new plug-in hybrid during 2020. In all likelihood, this will be one of the most popular models, possibly the Mazda 3.

 It is also worth noting that the Mazda CX-30 is a completely independent model. However, the company has no plans to create a new brand or trademark specifically for electric cars. Speaking at the Tokyo Motor Show, Ikuo Maeda, head of design and brand, said:

 “Some manufacturers are creating a separate brand for electric vehicles, but we will not do this. We want to keep electric cars in our existing Mazda portfolio. ”

In addition, the design of electric cars from Mazda will match the corporate style. The brand’s leadership does not see the point in creating something new that is fundamentally different from the entire line simply because it is an electric car.

In the meantime, the updated Mazda CX-8 will receive a special version. It is called Exclusive Mode and includes additional options to increase passenger comfort.