Electric Lincoln built on Ford Mustang EV

Electric Lincoln built on Ford Mustang EV

January 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American automaker of the premium segment, Lincoln, will build its first electric car based on the Ford electric model of which it is a part.

The guys from Lincoln are going to make their first all-electric car using technology developed by Ford engineers. This is a BEV platform, on the basis of which the upcoming blue oval crossover / SUV will be created, inspired by the legendary Mustang sports coupe. Since the distant 1922, the company Lincoln owned by Ford.

Unfortunately, while there are no details about the updates, except for those that the universal platform BEV will be used for completely different models and brands.

For the prestigious company Lincoln, this is probably the best solution, since it may be enough for the development of a completely new platform, finance for the company, but, as they say, back to back.

Kumar Galhotra, president of Ford representation in North America and former Lincoln boss, said in a recent interview with a foreign publication that Lincoln’s first all-electric model will be representative of the “quiet luxury” strategy. While Ford seems to rely on power, Lincoln is betting on elegance. “Silence will be a long-awaited feature for Lincoln customers,” said Mr. Galhotra. “You can make beautiful vehicles in different ways. The BEV platform gives us so much freedom for what we want to do. We will make the car of our dreams.”