Electric Kia Soul brought to the “moose test”

Electric Kia Soul brought to the “moose test”

October 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Spaniards decided to introduce an electric modification of the Kia Soul, which is sold on the European market under the name e-Soul, for the “moose test”. The corresponding video appeared on the Youtube channel of the km77 agency.

During the tests, it became known that the Korean electric car has understeer. Recall that the purpose of the “moose test” is to check the stability of the machine during maneuvers, or more precisely, during the detour of an obstacle that suddenly appeared on the road.

As a result of the tests carried out, experts noted the good maneuverability of the electric model e-Soul, while they also found the weak point of the electric car – it’s understeer. Nevertheless, the Korean electric car was able to pass the test, but at a speed of 68 km / h. Along with this, according to journalists, the model has a well-functioning stabilization system.

For testing, we chose the Kia e-Soul of last year, which has a 204-horsepower electric motor. On one charge, such an electric car travels a distance of up to 340 km.

In addition, it was recently noted that the South Korean company Kia will release a new generation of military vehicles. It should be emphasized that 140,000 copies of nine models and 100 different versions have rolled off the assembly line.