Electric Hyundai Kona burned out at the charging station

Electric Hyundai Kona burned out at the charging station

January 26, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Shortly before the incident, the crossover Hyundai Kona was recalled for a software update

In South Korea, a case of fire was recorded for the Hyundai Kona electric crossover, which was recalled shortly before the incident for free repair. Local authorities have promised to verify the “adequacy of the recall” and to study the actions taken by the automaker to avoid such situations, according to Reuters.

A global recall of the electric modification of the Hyundai Kona Electric was announced in October last year and affected about 77 thousand vehicles, including 25.5 thousand crossovers in South Korea. Until recently, 10 cases of electric car fires were recorded in the country, but the 11th incident differs from others: last Saturday, a crossover was burned at a public charging station in the city of Daegu, which was recently repaired as part of a recall campaign.

The problem is that Hyundai has not yet determined the exact cause of the fire. So far, there is only a working version, according to which electric cars light up due to internal damage, admitted during the production of some battery cells. Based on this assumption, some crossovers carry out an expensive battery replacement, while others are limited to updating the BMS (Battery Management System) control unit. The car burned down in Daegu belonged to the latter.

After the incident, the South Korean Ministry of Transport became interested in Hyundai’s actions. Officials promised to check the adequacy of the repair and find out why the battery was not replaced on the electric car, but only the software was updated.

Back in the fall of last year, Hyundai received a class action lawsuit, which was joined by over 200 owners of Kona Electric vehicles. Each of them demands monetary compensation in the amount of eight million won (approximately $ 7.2 thousand) from the automaker.